Java User Group Finland - FinJUG is a user group of developers interested in Java and other JVM languages in Finland. Its aim is to organize meetups - both informal (pub) events and technical presentations. FinJUG also provides discounts on Manning & O'Reilly books.

Upcoming Events
Plenty of other interesting topics and naturally informal pub meetups. Join FB group for latest updates.

Past Events 2015
6.2.2015 - Pub meetup Ølhus Stockholm.

Past Events 2014
18.3.2014 - Introduction to Java 8 presentation by Petteri Hietavirta in Helsinki.

Past Events 2013
5.9.2013 - Pub meetup at Hostina.
8.5.2013 - Developing to Liferay portal presentation by Sampsa Sohlman.
17.4.2013 - Pub meetup at Hostina.
13.3.2013 - Clojure presentation by Tero Parviainen.
13.2.2013 - Pub meetup at Hostina.
15.1.2013 - RingoJS presentation by Oleg Podsechin.

Past Events 2012
30.10 - Pub meetup at Hostina
13.9 - Pub meetup at Pub Fidel
29.8 - Introduction to BigData and Hadoop by Petteri Hietavirta
31.7 - Scala Hackaton at Valuemotive
20.6 - Introduction to Querydsl by Timo Westkämper in Helsinki. Slides available here
14.6 - FinJUG event hosted by Red Hat in Helsinki. Technical presentation about JBoss Data Grid / Infinispan.
14.5 - Pub meetup at Hostina
3.5 - Techical presentation: Play 2.0 Framework
22.3 - Pub meetup
1.3 - Techical presentation: GWT Introduction
8.2 - Pub meetup

The first FinJUG pub meeting in Helsinki at Hostina on 24 November 2011 was a success!

Book Reviews
GWT in Action, Second Edition (Manning)
Spring Integration in Action by Mark Fisher, Jonas Partner, Marius Bogoevici, and Iwein Fuld
Java the Complete Reference, 8th edition by Herbert Schildt
OSGi in Depth by Alexandre de Castro Alves

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